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S Titled Jazz Songs

Oh hey! I have posted here once again. Nice to see you here again. Since the last post, the community band that I am apart of has been meeting outside on a parking lot and it’s been fun. It’s nice to play with other people again. Also, we have a concert tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it. It has been giving me a few more things to practice and it’s always comfy to play more and more things even with my mediocre abilities.

With that comes some Jazz Songs that I’ve been playing that are one page after another after another here. That wasn’t my plan at first, but it just happened and I liked playing all three of these songs too. Its one of those cases that shows the variety of the jazz songs that I’ve been playing. Here they are, enjoy them 😀

So here you go, hope you enjoy them. I’ve mostly been playing Jazz songs for a while now, so it’s time to look up some classical music again. Should be a fun time. Lets see what I am able to post here again next time. Until then!


Published by Scott

Major anime fan. I play brass instruments, watch TV shows/anime, and blog sometimes.

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