Some Jazz Songs

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from the United States! Hope you are staying safe and enjoying yourselves this season. We do have a bit of a covid spike going on, so please keep your distance even if it’s hard and eat some good turkey!

Today, I will be sharing some songs from a book of music that I forgot I had. It’s called “the DEFINITIVE jazz COLLECTION” and it just has a bunch of popular jazz songs from back in the two. So here is two Jazz songs.


This jazz song was one of our pep band songs in college marching/pep band and this is definitely not a pep band arrangement. Hope you enjoy it.

Music by: Josef Zawinul
Copyright 1979 Mulatto Music

I Loves You Porgy

I don’t have any big reasoning behind recording this one. It just looked fun and it played pretty fun too.

Words by: Ira Gershwin and Dubose Hayward
Music by: George Gershwin
Copyright 1935 by Gershwin Publishing Corporation

This was a bit of a rush, but it was fun. Also, I decided what the main goal of this blog was. Making myself more comfortable when playing by myself. You can probably tell that I had some nerves from some of the shaking in these recordings. I don’t have as much confidence as I could have, so I think this is a good way to do that in this COVID-19 environment we are in.

I plan on recording some Christmas music, Lutheran and standard, for next month. Keep an eye out!

This time for donations, let’s surprise some people. If you like what you hear or don’t even, I am apart of the Gateway Concert Band that is currently shut down due to the pandemic.

Please give them some support. Click on this link to donate:

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