Introducing Scott’s Muse

Hello everyone. This was something I was planning on doing for a little bit and I finally hit the trigger to do it. I’ve been practicing some music and without a community band, I don’t have anywhere else to put that energy to play right now. This blog was created because of this pandemic. I do not plan on uploading or updating this blog that frequently, but I wanted somewhere to put music that I have been practicing.

Here is an example of this:

I’ve been practicing this song for three months on and off, so you guys are the first living being outside of the people and dog living here who have heard me play it. There is some mistakes in the song if you can here them, but I am proud of this one. Flaws, whatever. I’m not aiming to be a professional anytime soon in music. I just want to play.

I’ve been playing since fifth grade and I am not a professional, but I like playing the trumpet and I, unlike a lot of other people during secondary school, liked it playing even if am not the best at it. I’ve played in a lot of groups from jazz bands to marching bands to pep bands to concert bands to even a school mariachi band at some point. I’ve gotten better because I’ve put myself into positions where I have to improve.

Next, I plan on recording some older jazz tunes if you are interested. I found a jazz book in my desk recently and I’ve just been practicing things in it for fun. It might be a thanksgiving thing. I am also planning on recording some Christmas Music for the coming season if you are interested. Even if you aren’t, I do plan on doing this on some level.

Oh, I might also post anime music that I riffed off of here too. I used to do that for podcasts I was apart of, but I want to start doing this again. This blog is going to be very music creation focused.

To support future playings and music purchases, here’s my kofi. Only do it if you can and want to. Otherwise, I am fine with finding music by myself. This would just make it easier.

Link to my Kofi

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Major anime fan. I play brass instruments, watch TV shows/anime, and blog sometimes.

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