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(Original Story) Arc Incidents 2: Chapter 1- Travel Again

Here we are, the first real chapter of this story. A very lame one in some ways, but important for establishing a lot of things moving forward. Especially with some foreshadowing. You can also read it here too: Link August 28th, 2840 AD: 4:35 PM CST, Noah 3 LoungeAside from the day of elections in…

(An Original Story) Arc Incidents Volume 2: Prologue

So yes, this is something that I am going to start doing. The original story will stay on my anime blog, but it makes sense for this story to be on this blog instead. Especially with me doing more creative things. I just want to make sure that this blog doesn’t die too quickly. Makes…

After So Long, Some New Music

After who knows how long, its finally time to play some more music. I originally created this little blog because of the pandemic and my community band meeting. Well, my community band has been meeting as safely as possible and that is why I haven’t been practicing as much stuff for this. The stuff we…

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